Friday, July 13, 2012

Exaclibur EX-21 Is now in my garage!

Well it came!
I took it out of the box, which was relatively easy, I was able to do it by myself, but having help would have made it a little easier. The saw is bolted to a piece 3/8" plywood in the shipping carton, I could have unbolted it first, but was feeling strong so I just pulled the saw and wood out together. It is now sitting on my work bench with plywood still attached.

 The package included the EX-21 (Obviously) A nice manual, separate power cord, blades and leveling feet for setting up on a table. Mine also included a stand, which I will start putting together very soon, so I will not need the leveling feet.

I plugged the saw in, it already had a blade installed, and turned it on just as shown in the picture. Not mounted to anything but the plywood and with no initial setup. And boy was it quiet! At higher speeds it did vibrate, but it's sitting on a piece of plywood, so that is expected. So far I am very pleased. This is not an official review of the saw, just sharing my excitement as I take a new step in my scroll sawing hobby. Once it' is all set up, adjusted and mounted on the stand, I will share more pictures, I'd like to use it for a while before I actually do a review.

Gotta get busy putting the stand together.


Well here she is all set up on the stand, As you can see, I'm testing her out on a portrait I've been working on. I still need to do a little fine tuning, but so far so good! Not sure if this actual spot will be the permanent home, but for now it works due to the electrical restrictions in my garage. As you can see I did add my magnifying light to it, can't scroll with out it, well actually I could, just not nearly as well!

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